Introduction pt.1: The Opening, page 1

06 Sep 2010 01:47 pm

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Meet Spirit the shaman Absol. He's going to be our narrating poet.

Author Comments:

Sound Synthesis, 06 Sep 2010 02:12 pm

I hate writing in dactylic hexameter...

For more information on dactylic hexameter poetry visit:

Ugh, English just doesn't seem to fit into old heroic verse the way Latin (or Greek) can! >.< As far as dactylic hexameter poetry goes, what I have written up there isn't terrible per se, but it's not masterpiece worthy. Thankfully for me, there will only be one, maybe two more pages where I will have to write in DH.

(Please see the News page about how to read this poem! The first two lines are actually the same first stanza.)
I started this page a while back. Since then, my art technique and placement has gotten better. Hopefully, the next page will be of better quality. At least this beats the test page!

P.S: The first line of this page is based off the first line of a very famous classical epic. Can you figure out which one?

Advertisement, 03 May 2016 08:49 pm

Sound Synthesis, 06 Sep 2010 02:19 pm

Responses to comments from the test page:

@EZWheels: Glad you like my style. Welcome aboard. ^.^

@ Bresong: My version of Josie looks like Cynder? Funny... I'm not seeing much of a resemblence here, except maybe a similar proud stance. :P But to each his own, I guess...

Update to page: I changed some of the words in the poem because of a composition error that I made... >.<

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User Comments:

SilverLunarwing, 06 Sep 2010 08:02 pm

I'm going to guess Beowulf. But that's probably 'cause it's the only epic poem I've read.

Test page? *does not see* Oh well, I'm digging the alterations to the CSS if that's what the test page was for. ^^

the being, 07 Sep 2010 01:43 pm

Interesting comic is interesting.
Although it is just the first page, You have a pretty nice style by the looks of it. |3

I'm watching youuuuuuu.

Flame Shadow, 19 Sep 2010 07:41 pm

I'm digging how you drew absol and worded the poem. x3

SilverLunarwing, 08 Apr 2012 10:07 am

I hate to be "that guy",
But what ever happened to this? I really think this comic has a lot of potential, and it would be wonderful to see more of it. :)

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